Sofia Sarri live at @Mezrab, Amsterdam

Mezrab is proud to present Greece's most eclectic: Sofia Sarri

Sofia Sarri has been a pioneer for the greek indie scene for the past 15 years, touring and releasing albums with her band Night on Earth and has now yet stepped forward for the first time as a solo artist, releasing her debut album "Euphoria" on January 2017, under Inner Ear Records. Both "Euphoria" and her live shows have so far received exquisite reviews growing attention.

Her unique sound and arrangements bring together elements of greek folk, distorted micro-beats and echoes of Scandinavian avant-garde metal, and encompass her voice's mournful belts with a genuine originality and emotion.

Sarri’s music is an unconventional universe where uncompromised resolutions are allowing the Cretan lyra, a distinct folk instrument from the mountains of her home island Crete, to feel at ease when placed together with the analog synth, the vibraphone and some wicked double bass drumming. As a child of the greek crisis Sofia is working against the odds.

Sofia Sarri - vocals
Costas Stergiou - keys, beats
Petros Lamprides - double bass
Giorgos Pouliasis - drums

€10 online

€12 at the door

Mezrab, Veemkade 576
Amsterdam, Netherlands